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Why use email to communicate?

Email is one of the most widely used communication channels today and has become an essential tool for many organizations and companies when communicating either information, promotions, releases, newsletters or bulletins.

Through email we manage to contact our recipients, build brand loyalty, publicize a new product, report on an event, ... in short, email has become a highly effective system of communication.
Using email to communicate allows us to decide when and how we want to transmit information and provides us with statistical data of great added value, helping us to make decisions for the future.

The 10 advantages of communication by email
1) Economical
One of the keys to communicating by email through an effective and fast system is the low cost involved. Any communication that we want to do via paper or other more traditional means is a much greater investment and is always relatively effective and very complicated to measure.
In addition, there are many free email servers where you can get an account in a very easy and fast way: Gmail, Hotmail, Ymail... In a few clicks you will have your free account available to be used.
2) Agile
Having a communication channel through emailing applications allows us to perform any action in minutes and with an amazingly fast and effective arrival. In this way we can anticipate any event, circumstance or need for effective communication. Just three steps: Ymail login, write, send.
3) Versatile
Communication by email allows the information sent to be relatively extensive, attached or can be expanded by the recipients without any difficulty. At the same time, we can play with the structure of the contents to better focus our objective when communicating.
4) Measurable
Any communication made from an emailing application has the ability to provide control and monitoring of the results of the shipments. Knowing when, how and who has read these emails allows us to measure the result of communications in real time.

5) Customizable
It is very important to emphasize the high personalization that we can achieve with the use of emailing applications, since they allow to filter and segment the data to reach exclusively a target audience. The personalization allows not only to send communications based on criteria such as provinces, dates of birth, sex, age, ... but it is possible to segment according to statistical results of previous shipments.
6) Effective
The use of emailing systems saves us a lot of time and effort as it automates complex and cumbersome tasks such as managing cancellations, non-existent emails, duplicate emails, spam complaints, ... in turn this allows us to have a contact list always well optimized.
7) Analyzable
Sending communications by email allows the recipient to receive the message in real time providing immediate, visible and measurable statistical information not only at the level of emails sent but it is possible to analyze the impact on our destination websites by integrating email sending with statistical analysis systems such as Google Analytics.
8) Shareable
The email allows to increase the dissemination of communications both enabling forwarding of the same as well as allowing the spread of content through social networks by sharing massively any email sent thanks to emailing systems integrated with social networks.
9) Friendly
The email as a communication channel is not an intrusive means since it is possible to integrate systems of unsubscription of lists in an automated way allowing any recipient not to receive emails again if they do not want to, this way the email becomes a channel that allows the recipients to choose.
10) Interactive

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